“I have been off all pharmaceuticals for five years, I only use whole flower CBD for pain daily it keeps me on my game” by David Wells - Pitcher of NY Yankees


I wanted to thank you so much for the CBD fluid, and tell you we had really good results with it for Ashton (6 year old autistic spectrum boy). He had increased speech big time and lots of cognitive gains. It's very exciting that it worked so well. I am taking notes and seeing lots of great things! Better enunciation, eye contact, more words and focused but not hyper. In general extremely aware. It's almost like his nervous system is less excited or stressed. Huge difference! I gave your name to our doctor...  


I have a long standing seizure disorder plus decades of arthritis discomfort. I am 79 and feel every year of it! Ken's wife Cindy has had such great results with CBD for her TBI induced seizures, Ken got me a kit with cartridges  and a dropper bottle of fluid. I have replaced the Keppra with it and no seizure activity and less drugged out feeling, plus better pain management than the last few years of everything else.  Sincerely, G